Your Emotions Can Affect Your Health

Have you ever considered the affect that emotions have on your physical body?

We often take our bodies for granted and neglect to maintain them in the way that they need.

Imagine never changing the oil in your car; how long do you think it would continue to run?

We currently live in a time of fear based energies which all negative emotions fall under. Whether it’s anxiety, anger, resistance, guilt, shame, lack; they all result from fear.

Research has proven that positive emotions are critical for upkeep of physical health for people worldwide, and above all, those that are deeply impoverished.

As a result they grow up not allowing their emotions to be expressed which is very damaging to their health.

When you repress or suppress your emotions it causes a block in your energy system which if not cleared out will eventually manifest in physical form in or on your body. Disease as we know it refers to disease in the body.

Every emotion that is held in the body affects the organs by slowing down the circulation which allows for toxins to accumulate. For example, anger can eventually cause problems in the liver, sadness can create problems in the lungs which could result in respiratory problems, fear can cause blockages in the kidneys and intestines, worry to the spleen and lack of joy to the heart.

All emotions come as a gift including the negative ones. I’m going share a couple of the things that I teach people that work really well and that you can do right away to begin clearing any negative emotions that may arise.

1. First and foremost make the decision that whatever emotions arise for you, you will let them be there.

2. Secondly, ask the emotion to intensify itself. We know that whatever we resist persists so if we are not allowing the emotion then we are resisting it. There is always a reason why you hang onto your negative emotions and there is also always a cost.

4. And fourthly, acknowledge yourself for doing the work. You only have one body so treat it with tender loving care.

Introducing Health and Fitness for Children at Young Age

Because childhood obesity is increasing, it is important for children at a young age to be introduced health and fitness. However, living in the digital age of computers, video games and other gadgets, it may well be an obstacle, be active and moving around children. Also, be sure to go to a zone free of obstacles, preferably outside in a lawn or a park, where they can move freely and safely do. For example, if you use the animals say such a thing like this “Let’s a bear. Now, like a bear crawl in search of food!” Be sure to use all types of animals and animal movements as well. They are constantly in motion, and with the help of their imagination. Pets are generally very popular with children, so feel free to use this activity with them.

Try also with movies, they know. For example, if you know they love the movie “Finding Nemo”, you can ask him to swim slowly, as Dory, float around, like the sea turtle Crush, or swimming faster than Bruce the shark. You can do this with other movies like “Transformers” for example, they run like robots. Whatever you use, the movies are always a good way to attract their imaginations.

If you are looking for something even easier to find and try to work with colors in the room and the environment around you. Try, for example, calls a color and ordered them to do something if they see that color. Try saying: “Everyone will find something red and hop red object.” Or “something green to find and explore this green object.”

Whatever you choose, please remembers that the better creation and animation that you can do, the better the result will be. By using these fun, familiar concepts, you will be able to put every child on the road and have fun.

Children Food and Nutrition

Childhood (1-12 years) is a very important period as the foundation for later adult. Therefore, the adequacy of nutrition in childhood is important to note, for determining later adult life.

Critical elements that must be available in the food for your children:
1. Carbohydrates as an energy source.
2. Protein for growth, recovery after illness, hormonal function, overcome digestive disorders.
3. Vitamins and minerals for endurance.

Serves the needs of the elements above:
1. Children aged 1-7 years:
– Carbohydrates: 3 x daily 1 / 2 cup ½ cup rice or pasta / cereal or a sheet of white bread.
– Protein: 3 x daily fish or meat is better than tofu or tempeh for a deck on a portion of dominoes.
– Vitamins and minerals: vegetables three times a day 1 / 2 cup of organic vegetables, organic vitamins if not already broken. When cooked berkuah, should be spent broth, and cook at a temperature of 80 degrees Celsius max. Fruits 6 x daily 1 / 2 cup of organic fruit, 3 x meals, 3 x in between. Fruit consumption ahead of its main food.
– Milk and its replacement: three times daily a glass of fresh milk or yogurt or a sheet of cheese.
– Snack: 2 x daily biscuit or a cup of pudding.
2. Children aged 7-12 years: same as 1-7 years of age with 2 x folding portion, for proteins the size of a deck of playing cards.

Food Supplements is required when:
1. Nutrition standards can not be filled by the quantity and / or quality.
2. You’re sick.
3. There are extra activities.

Criterias of ideal supplementation are as follows:
1. Made from organic ingredients.
2. There is no taste, coloring and preservatives.
3. Proven security (already consumed more than 10 year).
4. Halal (for Muslims).

Do your children needs food supplements?
1. Children who do not want to eat fruit and vegetables (fruit and vegetables are not organic), should consume Chewable Multi with a dose of 1 x 1 per day for children aged 1-4 years and 2 x 1 per day for children aged 4-12 years.
2. Children who consumed less milk or meat, Protein Drink Kids should consume that contain nine essential amino acids with a dose of two glasses per day, 1 tsp for children aged 1-4 years and 2 tsp for children aged 4-12 years.
3. Children who do not eat fish (salmon, mackerel, tuna, mackerel) that are not fried three times a week, should consume Salmon Omega 3 with a dose of 2 x 1 per week for children aged 1-4 years and 3 x 1 per week for children 4-12 years of age.

Health problems that often arise in children is HARD EATING.

Definition of hard to eat: just spend less than 2 / 3 portion of the food, just like a liquid food / mashed, hard to chew / swallow (from a survey in Jakarta, was 33.6% of children experience this problem).

The signs of trouble eating, among others:
– Children often regurgitate their food.
– Children eating the old and diemut.
– Children do not want to eat.
– Children often spill food.
– Children are often dismissed bribes.
– Children swallowed immediately without chewing

The Best Natural Home Remedies

Discover what the best natural home remedies can make a big difference to the success in its use. Homeopathy is a powerful and gentle method of health care. It can handle all conditions known to man. Everything is physical, emotional and all the problems that all mental health problems. The reason is that homeopathic treatment not the disease label. They were put in place to help medical professionals.

Homeopathy treats the person. The person with the problem. The problem does not exist by itself. Therefore the person who needs treatment. Ill health is complex. Many, if not all, stems from past traumatic events that have learned to manage as best as possible at the time. But times change. If desired, your immune system gets stuck in a groove.

Once your immune system has been restored to its full potential to work, you can do a good job of staying healthy. Complex health problems and chronic diseases are probably best treated by a professional homeopath. But these problems overnight, acute injuries and illnesses that occur each family, you can learn to use the common home remedies with great success. Learn to use common homeopathic remedies, and keep the home prescription kit on hand at all times means you are ready for any emergency. You may be able to start treatment before a professional is needed. But you can make a big difference in the fate of any potential problems with good action, fast and appropriate.