Diabetes Information

Most people believe that diabetes is caused by the factor of heredity, there is also a notion that diabetes is in old age. In fact, diabetes is present in many young people who remain productive, even children, which means that diabetes may be suffering from any person regardless of age aatupun descent.

Indonesia is the fourth largest country in the world of people with diabetes, after the United States, China and India. Statistical Development of diabetes is progressive, so that knowledge about diabetes is very necessary that we have. Statitik noted that the year 2000, the number of diabetic patients JT 8.4 years in 2006 while the number is 14 JT JT estimates 21.3 years in 2030.

Of the 14 million diabetics TSB, only 50% knew that diabetes is a patient, which means that people who say 7JT diabetes or menegetahui not in front of them if they were patients with diabetes because it has never checked their blood. This means 50% juice 14 JT developing complications of diabetes without knowing they were patients with diabetes. Between 50% who know that diabetes adalh not want to know if they were patients with diabetes, only 30% of medicines on a regular basis also means that there will be 20% of diabetic complications than the group knew they were patients diabetes.

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